How to stay on track while travelling

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Hello readers!

During my holiday in Ibiza I received so many DMs from you on my Instagram account @cyclistblondie with comments and questions on how I managed to stay on track and follow my nutrition plan while travelling.

I have shared a post on this yesterday, but I thought it was worth writing a full post here as well, digging a little deeper in the topic.

Here are my 8 tricks on how to follow your nutrition guidelines on holiday, while being able to enjoy your vacation (and the local food) to the maximum!

As usual, these are the things I personally do and they might not be perfectly matching your requirements. As usual, we need to be flexible and adapt every recipe to our own needs!

Before going to Ibiza, I made sure I had with me everything I needed to make my life easier: I packed:
  • my Iphone arm-band,
  • my headphones, my trainers,
  • my workout clothes,
  • a bag of granola bars,
  • Multivitamin/multimineral pills and tablets to properly fuel my body after sweating,
  • my digestive pills (I use baking soda pills) and natural carbon for my airy belly! and
  • ziploc bags, which would have come handy to mealprep and bring food with me at the beach!

Every morning, my boyfriend and I woke up early and immediately squeezed in a little workout. Sometimes we headed out for a run, which was amazing: the breeze was just perfect and we had the chance to discover the surrounding in the most quite setting, while everyone else was still asleep! Some other days we just trained on the terrace of our room, with quick abs workouts, or watching videos from TONEITUP.
To follow my daily training routine, while travelling as well as in Milan, follow me on Instagram @cyclistblondie !

Instead of heading to a café to enjoy our first meal of the day, we decided to go grocery shopping for wholegrain bread and a jar of local jam and we always had our breakfast on the terrace of our room, overlooking the sea. This was by far the best decision ever: 
(i) we saved time (I was showering while my boyfriend was making coffee and toasting the bread), 
(ii) we saved lots of money (breakfast abroad is so expensive compared to Italy!), 
(iii) we ate healthy, and 
(iv) we enjoyed the most beautiful view, just the two of us! If you are a breakfast lover like me, go check out my breakfast roundups, HERE and HERE !

During our previous trips to Ibiza, we always grabbed a bite from a chiringuito on the beach. 
Apart from very few exceptions, which were amazing!, we spent a lot of money and had nothing special for lunch, and had lots of bread and dips. 
So this time we decided to be more organized: we went grocery shopping the very first day and bought salad, tomatoes, cucumber, olives, bread, sardines, tuna, and octopus (yes, in Spain it is quite common to have canned octopus and mussels from Galicia!), as well as olive oil and vinegar and fresh fruit (mostly apples and peaches). Plus bags of trail mix to enjoy as snack in the afternoon.
Everyday I mealprepped the lunch (a mixed salad) for both of us, and packed two slices of bread.
This way our M2, M3 and M4 were always totally on point!
Yes, as you can clearly tell, the picture above is from the only day we actually ate at a chiringuito as we were in Formentera!

During this trip we allowed ourselves to enjoy 1 alcoholic drink per day (my BF one or two!) - either a cold beer or a glass of wine. 
Sometimes I had a beer for aperitivo while watching the sun setting into the water, while other days I had a glass of rosè with my fish for dinner!

We went out for dinner every single day, but never exaggerated with the food- we didn't want to feel bad or sleep bad! 
However, we never said no to tapenade, bread and aioli! We mostly went for fish, but also enjoyed the very famous lamb chops from the island! 
We avoided potatoes and always started our dinner with a fresh mixed salad! Check all the benefits of starting your meal with a salad HERE !

We drank lots of water during the whole day at the beach (we brought two large bottles of water with us) and before going to sleep (especially after beer or wine). 
In addition, we opted for veggies with lots of water (like cucumbers), had a multi mineral drink in the morning after our run/workout, as well as hydrated our skin with lots of lotion (during and after tanning!).

As soon as we arrived in Milan, we made sure we started our routines right away. 
We had protein pancakes for breakfast to fuel our muscles, stopped drinking alcohol, and went for a 8k run in the morning. 
For lunch we stayed light, with a huge mixed salad with feta cheese (pictured).

These are very easy tricks…but people, how many time do we forget to follow even easy and straight forward rules, which could help us so much?!

I am curious to know your thoughts and your own routines while travelling!
Share them below or send me a DM or comment on instagram @cyclistblondie :)

All pictures and ideas of this post are mine. Please link back!

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