The Haircare Series - On the beach edition

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Hello readers,
Since I have received a lot of questions on my hair routine, I thought to finally write a post on everything I do to treat, wash, curl and maintain my hair. However, once I read the first draft of this post it was so long and detailed that I realized that more than one post on this topic were much better (I don’t want you people to fall asleep while reading my blog posts, unless they are specifically written as pre-bed readings!).

Summer is here and the heat (at least in Milan) is crazy! So I thought to kick start this small series with a post dedicated to my simple hair routine at the beach. Let’s start…

When I go to the beach I always bring with me a small beauty case for all my hair products, to avoid stains on clothes in my beach bag and to have everything handy when I need it. 
My go-to items are:
  • A water proof beauty case/pouch like of this kind
  • A comb – I prefer the big detangling combs like this or this, as I am curly and it would take forever to comb my hair with the regular ones!
  • One or two hair oil sprays,
  • A hair band – I prefer the Invisibobble or anything similar like these from H&M to avoid kinks,
  • A sun-activated lightening hair spray – more info below! and
  • Small travel size spray bottles – where I pour the above liquids to have smaller bottles to bring with me and to avoid problems at the airport security (I love to travel light and I rarely have a luggage but prefer to fly with just a cabin bag or trolley!). I love travel size kits for both lotions and oils. For sprays I prefer Sephora mini bottles, for lotions my favorite are Kiko bottles and jars and Tiger flat tubes (available only in store)!

During summer, my curly hair tends to be less shiny and often looks dull, especially after a dip in salty waters: it tends to to dry out and loose strength and body. That’s why I love to have a hair oil with me on the beach. I pour few drops of oil on my hand, or directly spray it onto my hair, crunch it with my hands and comb it through.
I do repeat this process twice in a day, usually after a dip in the sea! One of my hair and skin mantra is change and diversification. 
I am a firm believer that our bodies need to be properly fuelled to function well. We all try to follow balanced diets, which include all types of foods and nutrients to give our bodies everything they need. Doesn't the same apply to our skin and hair?!
I do think so! And that is why I like to change the hair and skincare products I use every now and then (or to buy lots of them and alternate them!), to continue stimulating the cells and ensure the proper intake of a wide array of nutrients.

Having said that, my favorite oils are:
  • Bottega Verde Olio Protettivo, which also has sunscreen!
  • Sunsilk Olio Nutriente, which has turmeric and argan oil among its main ingredients, and 
  • Pure argan oil. There are many brands on the market, but I bought my pure argan oil bottle in Morocco and that’s what I use most of the times! Online I found this and this with good reviews. 
I am not sure whether all the above products are available worldwide... but in case you don't find them, comment below and I will provide you with the key ingredients as well as the names of similar products!

Of course I am kidding (or not ?!) ahaha... let's be serious..

I am natural blond (Italian definition of blondie, as some Germans and other Northern European might complain!) and my hair gets very dark during winter and very light at summer time. In order to maintain the natural shades, I use a camomille-based lightening hair spray. I spray it on wet hair after the first dip of the day in the sea, after having rinsed my hair with salt-free water (when I find a shower nearby.. which is not always the case!). I then comb my hair and let it dry in the sun. I use the spray every over day to avoid my hair to dry out or turn too blonde!
I tried lots of sprays and products, but my favorite are:
Be aware that the lightening power depends on the quantity of product you use. I suggest you start with a little, and adjust depending on the look you desire to achieve! 

I hope you have enjoyed this post! 
Let me know (in the comment box below) if you have tried the products and if you have any advice for me! I am always open to try new products!


This post is not sponsored. All suggestions on products and ideas are mine. All pictures have been taken by me. Please link back to this blog if you want to use the content of this post, or tag and credit @cyclistblondie for Instagram sharing.

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